Visiting report
(OGCDC) May 18, 2010

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Germany: Mr. Michael Peter Dirkx - Director of W.P. Schmitz Fund; Ms. Barbara Warner - Director of Mirja Sachs Fund; Members of German Development Service (DED): Mr. Christoph Jurgen Dehn, Ms. Pistor Nora, Ms. Anna-Katharina Matussek, Mr. Stephan Wolfgang Karcher, Ms. Elena Vera Hansen, Ms. Hannelore Gut, Mr. Mathias Cronjaeger, Ms. Charaby Nadja; Ms. Pia Stricker - DEVIEMED Organization...

America: Ms. Elyce Anne Opheim; Ms. Susan Hammond - Director of War Legacies Project; Ms. Jenny Wilson, Mr. Forest Ray, Ms. Nely Johnson, Mr. David Wilson; Members of Spiral Foundation: Mrs. Marichia Simcik Arese, Mr. James Richard Simcik, Mr. Bob Bendik, Ms. Nancy Liebman Bendik; Members of Children of Vietnam: Ms. Nancy Floral Letteri, Ms. Dannia Gail Southerland, Mr. Benjamin Charles Wilson, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tuan, Ms. Duong Minh Tram.

Japan: Prof. Kiyoyasu Sakai - Osaka Electro-Communication College; Prof. Manabu Kuroda - Shiga College; Ms. Haruna Naka - student of Kyoto Career College of Foreign Languages.

France: Members of AFEPS Association (France): Mr. Henry Michel, Mrs. Henry Maryse, Mr. Bocaccio Pierre, Mr. Marty Christian, Mrs. Marty Marie Claude, Mr. Jean Alain Bronstein.

Singapore: Students of United World College: Ms. Monique Simone Ellis, Ms. Bianca Estelle Caduff, Ms. Carla Lisa Caduff, Mr. Jonathan Campbell Rose, Mr. Harrison Winslow Pickering, Mr. Ross Emmet Morris, Mr. Richard Anthony Bartholemew Wallace, Mr. Cheong You Hong Mark Alexander, Mr. Marcelyn Malik.

Switzerland: Mrs. Bạch Nga Croisier-Vu, Mr. Jean-Paul Croisier.

Australia: Members of Rotary Club of Prospect: Mrs. Denise Christine Palmer, Mr. Jon Deon Harmer, Mrs. Susan Penelope Durand; Members of Project Boomerang: Mr. Michael Desmond Snow, Mr. Andrew James Mcnaught, Mr. Abdul Aziz Sahu-Khan, Ms. Wendy Ann Sahu-Khan, Mr. Peter John Woodward, Mrs. Susan Eleanor Woodward.

Canada: Prof. Patrick Macleod - Victoria University.

Taiwan: Mr. Tung Jye Wu - President of Green Formosa Front Taiwan Association.

S.P.I.R.A.L Foundation
S.P.I.R.A.L Foundation

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Tet's gifts for students with disabilities
Supporting for poor families affected by floods and storms
The volunteer from JICA (Japan) returned to work
Training on reproduction health organized by RCI

◾ Heart Surgery Program
◾ Cleft Lip and Palate Program
◾ Early Intervention Program
◾ Special Education
◾ Speech Therapy
◾ Hearing Aid Program
◾ Wheelchair Program
◾ Rehabilitation Program
◾ Farm for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
◾ Scholarship Program
◾ Charity Clinic for Genetic Counseling,
Preconception and Prenatal Care

◾ Healing the Wounding Heart (HWH) Shop
◾ Dental Care for Children with Disabilities
◾ Lotus Thrift Shop

Fund of Genetic Counseling & Disabled Children (OGCDC) is a local nongovernment association and a charity resisted in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam with the number 754/QĐ-UBND.
Office located at 38/147 Phan Đinh Phung St., Hue City, Vietnam

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