Dental care program - [10/20/2017]
Last July, Office of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children (OGCDC) in collaboration with the Faculty of Odontology, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy organized a dental care trip for children with disabilities at Nguyet Bieu Hope House. With the support of La Goutte D’eau Organization (France), the dental care program is carried out periodically in order to give a dental care for children with disabilities at the center. On behalf of children with disabilities and their families, we would like to say thank you to La Goutte D’eau Organization as well as the collaboration of the Faculty of Odontology, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy on this program.

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We are very happy to welcome clinical educators and students from the School of Health, Rehabilitation and Sciences (SHRS), the University of Queensland to work in OGCDC through during the inter professional and intercultural placement at OGCDC from May 8th to June 2nd, 2017. During the placement, the SHRS’s teachers and students will work with our teachers in facilities for children with disabilities. By observing and making the assessment of the children, the SHRS group will discuss with our teachers in finding the useful method and strategies to support for our children at school. A workshop will be delivered for our special and early intervention teachers basing on the need from local teachers.

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With the support of International Association of Special Education (USA), the Early Intervention Centre and the Organic Farm in Nam Dong district have been supported with toys, equipment and reference books for farming with the aiming at creating a fun, good teaching and working environment for people with disability. We would like to express our deepest thanks to the International Association of Special Education for such wonderful gifts for our children with disabilities.

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From March 27 to April 7, was introduced by Ms. Sue Woodward, director of TRINH Foundation, Ms Tracy Mee, a speech pathalogist working at Brisbane Water Phonetics, Australia, came to the center to support two speech therapist Ms. Thuy Hang and Ms. Van Anh. Only in two weeks, Ms Tracy has brought a lot of new knowledge in treatment for cases have speech problems. She show us the way to therapy based on using games on the iPad, uses cue ways to support spontaneous pronunciation and adds new strategies in speech therapy. As a result, customers were very excited and happy to be involved in the therapy sessions, which were quite successful in just a short time.
We will see Miss Tracy Mee again in the next clinical training in the last of this April.

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The trip of Mr. Eric Facquet and Mr. Freddy Rene Gilles, co-vice director of Bretagne Vietnam Association (France) to visit projects in cooperation with OGCDC had got many results especially many benefits which the projects have brought for families of children with disabilities such as the parrainage program for poor students in Future School, the special classes for children with learning difficulties in Duc Son and The Early Intervention Centre. Especially, we have made the home observation to families in the parrainage program for more understand about their conditions, giving gifts and plan some small support to improve the living condition of our children. Three people with physical disabilities has been supported the special wheelchairs, equipment to help them a better position and transportation.
We sincerely thank Bretagne-Vietnam Association has been always companied with us for bring a brighter future for children with disabilities.

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Engaging the common spirit of the world in the "We ring the bell campaign" on March 22 to draw attention to the right to education of children with disabilities, Fund of Genetic Counseling and Disabled Children (FGCDC) has coordinated with the following organizations to organize this event: Future School, Duc Son Orphanage Centre, Hue Early Intervention Center, Center for Disabled Children's Charity Long Tho Pagoda.

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