The Covid 19 epidemic has seriously affected all activities of people and society. In order to understand the impacts of Covid 19 on children with disabilities which aiming at making supportive proposals, RCI has conducted research and evaluation of in the group of the partner organizations in three countries including: Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

In order to provide the best support for children with disabilities during the Covid19 epidemic, the supporting activities have been adjusted for our students with disabilities.

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On the occasion of Vietnamese Teacher's Day, the Future School was very pleased to welcome Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee to visit, give flowers and gifts to the teachers. Sharing the difficulties of the teacher's work, the Chairman extended his gratefulness to teachers and hoped they would help them to gain their potential capacities and integrate in the communities. This visit of provincial chairman is big motivation for us in teaching for children with disabilities.

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It is very honor to welcome the international cooperation members of the delegation from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan on August 20, 2019 at Future School. After a tour visit of school, the delegation members also have time to join in a class session that runs by Japan volunteer.

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With the support of the Volunteer Program of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), FGCDC is honored to welcome Ms. Shimizu Sayuri, a special education teacher to work at Future School and Early Intervention Centre within 2 years from May 2019. With her experience and commitment, we hope Ms. Sayuri can support our teachers in teaching methods for children with disabilities at the centers.

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With the comprehensive management of FGCDC, Future School has successfully completed the task of caring and educating students with disabilities in June 2019. During the past school year, the school strives to ensure the number of attending students regularly, improve the teaching environment and enhance the teaching expertise for teachers. In addition to the curriculum, the school always focuses on developing pre-vocational skills for older children on Incense making and Sewing. Extracurricular activities such as football exchanges and life skills enhancement; Olympic group activities and Ring the Bell events etc... are always focused on giving the opportunity for our students to interact and learn from each other. Some difficulties that the school needs to do in the next school year are training more skillful staff; increase basic activities for young groups and raise fund for school fee for poor students. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the great support of individuals and organizations for school and wish to continue receiving support in the coming school year.

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As anual, end of June is the ending of the school year 2018-2019, we are sincerely thankful to the Bretagne-Vietnam Association who always accompany with FGCDC as well as support for the development of the Early Intervention Center. Some children’s skills are improved and ready for integrating in general kindergarten and primary environment. The teachers also have shown their thorough capacity and enthusiastics in caring and intervention for the children at the center. With the experience and success which are day by day gained, we hope we could bring more joys for the children and for the parents.

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