Messi’s history for OGCDC
Messi’s history for OGCDC
Dog’s name: Messi Ralph Pawren

I was born on 11/10/2013- I am 3 years old. I am a boy and very light in weight: 3.3kgs -I came home to my mummy’s place when I was only a baby. I looked then like a little ball of hair.

Mummy told me that she chose me because I was soso good looking and because I do not produce any allergies to children, and I do not have fur but hair. I graduated from puppy school with a fashion degree and became a fashionista

Mummy called me Messi after the Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi.When I was little I liked to play minisoccer with the little soccer balls to be like my idol Lionel Messi.Now I continue loving my soccer

This is me doing yoga exercises - My mummy called me Ralph Pawren because I am a minifashionista who loves to dress up-I wear a new garment every day.

This is shopping with my mummy in the trolley

Hello, I am Messi Ralph Pawren

I was chosen to be mascot for OGCDC because I have wonderful hearing. Mummy told me also that humanstudies have shown that dogs can hear more pitches than that of a normal human and we can pick up and distinguish sounds roughly four times better than humans.I can hear soft and loud barks and can make noises to call my other friends that humans cannot hear I support OGCDC with the ‘Hear and Talk project‘. I am doing a fashion parade in Melbourne, Australia called PAWS FOR THE CAUSE OF HEARING. I am inviting all the doggies to dress up and parade with me in The Smith reserve park corner of Gardiner Rd. and Glenferrie Rd in Hawthorn-Melbourne Australia. This will happen on the 27 November at 1:00pm. We need to get many barks, claps and donations from everyone to buy equipment to test the babies hearing in Vietnam HELP OGCDC HEAR AND TALK PROJECT by donating!!


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