Adaptive equipment and transportation
act_5_1.jpgWhilst there are many people with disabilities in Vietnam, not only can many of them not afford the expense of a wheelchair to give them mobility, but also conventional wheelchairs are innappropriate for Vietnamese conditions. With special wheelchairs produced by Vietnam and with assistance from the OGCDC, many disabled people have been given the gift of mobility suitable to the rural and urban conditions of Vietnam. These opportunities greatly improve the quality of life for the disabled. Equipped with special wheelchairs, students are able to go to school by themselves and many adults can earn their living by simple careers (such as a lottory ticket seller) allowing them to better support themselves in the future.

act_5_2.jpgWith the help of donations from the East West Aid organization (USA), IMAYA (Japan) and Hannah Marketing Company (Australia), OGCDC have been able to bring happiness to patients who previously could not move. The price of a special wheelchair is 2,100,000 VND including transportation and investigation fees for making record. Assistance for this program is greatly needed and the OGCD are very much looking forward to receiving your donation

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Handicap International Organization
Handicap International Organization

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