Rehabilitation program
act_6_1.jpgThe Peace Village is a rehabilitation center for children with funtional disabilities (eg. Cerebral palsy, Hydrocephaly, club-foot) in Hue. This center not only attracts and provide rehabilitation for the children in Thua Thien Hue Province but also the neighbouring province such as Quang Binh and Quang Tri Provinve.Duration for children in rehabilitation at Peace Village is three months and it brings satisfactory results for the children.

However, some of the disabled children in poor families still do not have chance to come and rehabilitate in Peace Village because of the family’s conditions. The families often do not have enough time and money to support their disabled children, let alone pay for rehabilitation, as the government support onlya small amount of the fees.

The chidlren attain good results in their three months at the Peace Village with the skillful rehabiltation of the doctors and therapists. The Parents of the child are also affected by the rehabilitation, and in seeing the progress of their children learn how to continue the training and caring at home.

act_6_2.jpgThe support for the children living in the neighboring province to be in rehabilitation at Peace Village requires higher fees. Expenses for a child and a mother is up to 2.500.000 vnd to stay at the Peace Village for their three months. We are looking forward to receiving your support inn order to continue this program. For more information please contact us:

In case you are living abroad and want to contribute to this program, please access our Web site with the item of Donation.


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Aide au Vietnam

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