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training_local_health_worker_and_supplying_informative_documents.jpgWith the purpose of reducing the rate of disabled children in community, OGCDC cooperated with the doctors in Hue Medical College to compile the  documents to train the local health workers how to detect the common birth defects and to give advices to disabled children's parents. Funded by Canadian Embassy, OGCDC has compiled and printed these training documents for local health workers in Quang Tri province in 2002.

To improve the understanding of local health workers and disabled children's parents in birth defects is helpful for treating and rehabilitation for those who have common disabilities such as: cleft lip and palate, club foot etc...

With the close relationship with OGCDC, local health workers in community are willing to introduce poor children with disabilities to OGCDC to be helped.

We hope to extend this program to broader areas of Central of Vietnam. That is why we really need to get your interest and support.

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