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Friday, 19 October 2007

act_10_1.jpgAlthough intellectual disability/mental retardation is the highest-rating disability in community, most of the children with intellectual disabilities do not receive sufficient education. They spend most of the time at home and can easily be isolated from their community and society.

Cooperating with the Cultural Centre for Youth of Thua Thien Hue province and having the help of Miss Susanne Arbeiter, a special education teacher from German Development Service (DED) as well as the kind hearts from abroad, we have founded and developed the Future Special School for children with intellectual disabilities.

In the Future Special school there are 38 children with both severe and average level of disabilityl. They have different abilities and needs and therefore need individual learning programs that are designed by the teachers with the supervision of Miss Susanne Arbeiter and other Professionals. The teachers are now receiving training weekly to improve their professional knowledge.

Hopefully, this model of special education will be established further in countryside for the purpose of providing children with intellectual disablities opportunities to get a proper education. The total costs per class with 7 children is about 1.100.000 VND/month, including teachers’salary and special teaching aids. We need further donations in order to broaden the Special Education program through Central Vietnam.

In order to fit the needs of children with mild intellectual disabilities and to raise awareness between parents, teachers, the authorities and the public, we have provided training courses on inclusive education skills to the teachers in 4 kindergartens in Hue city and 4 others in Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province.The training program educates Teachers and the community that all children can be taught in a normal school, if the teachers, with a small adaption to their methods. Miss Susanne Arbeiter from German Development Service (DED) and two counterparts were the trainers in these courses. The training programs have received the financial support from DED and other NGOs.

There are totally 38 children with intellectual disabilities in these 8 kindergartens. Most of them are from poor families that can not pay their children's schooling fees. This wasact_15_1.jpg a problem faced by their parents and the OGCDC when we implemented the inclusive education programs. Thanks to the financial support from Lilianne Fonds (Netherlands), our difficulty has been dealt with and the children can go to schools with smiling faces, which brings the happiness back to their families.

Similarly to special education system, it is our hope to extend this inclusive education model to the countryside. The costs for extension depend on various areas. We are looking forward to receiving your interest.

Being aware that how early the children get education how much they get progress, we have founded an office for assessing and early education program located in Hue Medical College. This program aims to find out children with intellectual disabilities early and provide proper help as soon as possible. We hope to receive your assisstance to develop this model effectivelly in thew near future.

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In case you are living abroad and want to contribute to this program, please access our Web site with the item of Donation.


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