Heart operation program
act_1_1.jpgLocated in Central Vietnam, the department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at Hue Central Hospital is the only center capable of performing the cardiac surgery urgently needed by the many patients with heart defects, and particularly those with congenital heart defects, in the area. OGCDC work to make this surgery possible for many patients who would otherwise not be able to afford it. The average income for a farming household is about 4,000,000vnd per year, making the heart operation fees (ranging from 10,000,000vnd to 100,000,000vnd depending on kinds of heart defects) an impossibility. Under these circumstances, many children with heart defects must leave school and slowly die of potentially treatable heart disease. Often families unable to meet the operation fees still exhaust their families' finances on medical treatment fees in an attempt to save their child's life.

There are currently over 1,000 children in Central Vietnam with potentially fatal heart defects unable to afford the necessary surgery. This number will continue to increase unless associations such as OGCDC provide assistance. OGCDC work in conjunction with financial donors to give these children their much-needed surgery and the chance to live normal lives. To continue to improve the situation and to provide assistance to the many families in need, OGCDC are constantly seeking further financial support.

act_1_2.jpgThanks to the association and assistance of East Meets West (USA), Spiral Foundation, Central Vietnam Surgical Intervention Project for Children with Disabilities and Congenital Heart Defects (USA), Tuoi Xanh, Association d'aide à L'Enfance Démunie au Viet Nam (Swiss), Eyes of Compassion (Canada), Vietnam Hope (Singapore), NPO.V-Heart Foundation (Japan) and numerous individual donors, many children have received successful heart operations. There are, however, still many children in urgent need (see urgent cases). OGCDC warmly welcome any financial assistance you could offer to this worthy cause.

With the aim of achieving objective and equitable assistance, OGCDC undergo a Social Observation Assessment of the families in need, which includes home visitations and evaluation before determining which cases are most urgent. OGCDC fulfill the responsibility of sending pictures and information on the patient's condition before and after surgery to donors.

For more information please contact us:

dcvn@ogcdc.org  or ogcdc@dng.vnn.vn

In case you are living abroad and want to contribute to this program, please access our Web site with the item of Donation.


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