Aide au Vietnam


The nonprofit organization «Aide au Vietnam» from Luxembourg was created in 2000, through the participation in a health project,concerning the financing of a medical program destined for persons with a curable blindness. The ministerial approval, as an NGO, was granted by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in 2005. Interested in our projects?

Trinh Foundation


Trinh Foundation is a non-governmental organization in Australia. Mrs Sue Woodward and Mr Aziz are two of the chief executive of Trinh Foundation. In 2009, Mrs. Sue Woodward and her speech therapy students visited OGCDC. In 2010, thank to the introduction and support of Trinh Foundation , Thuy Hang (Na) had been involved the first speech therapy course in Vietnam lasted 2 years ( 2010-2012 ) at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City. In 2012, Van Anh, another member of OGCDC continue to receive the support and participation of Trinh Foundation and take part in the 2nd speech therapy course. Until now, Trinh Foundation has created a lot good conditions for Na and Van Anh participate in conferences, short-term courses with experts and teachers about speech therapy.

Bretagne Viêt-nam


Créée en 1990, l'Association compte aujourd'hui 700 membres dont 596 parrains et marraines.

Lors de sa création en 1990, l'urgence pour l'Association était des actions dans le domaine médical et sanitaire par la construction de dispensaires, la rénovation d'une maternité et l'envoi régulier, par containers, de médicaments et de matériel médical. Ensuite est apparue la nécessité de penser à l'avenir des enfants en développant auprès de populations démunies des actions d'aide à la scolarisation par le biais du parrainage et la construction et l'équipement d'écoles.

Stichting Liliane Fonds


From 2002,Stichting Liliane Fonds cooperates with OGCDC in supporting for children and youngsters below 25 years with disabilities who currently live in poor families / households to participate and be included in society through education and job training.

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