Integrating in leisure and learning activities, the children of early intervention centers in Hue and Nam Dong had the opportunities to meet and to enjoy with their friends through group movement activities under the support of Norway Football Association. The activity has brought lots of joys and excitement for the children and their parents.

Since the middle of the year, we have expanded services such as screening, assessment and intervention for young children with developmental delay in the province and provinces nearby. The program also focuses on enhancing parents’ ability in supporting their children at home through counseling and guiding them practical methods.

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Speech Therapy Program - [05/13/2015]
In the first quarter of 2015, the Speech Therapy program continue the regularly activities in giving assessment and therapy for the children with autism, language delay, communication disorder. The children with hearing impairments after wearing hearing aids is a new beneficiary group of the program in this year.

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Mixed with the atmosphere of national opening school day, the Nam Dong class also began the new school year in early June 8 with lots of joys and energy. From this new school year, the children have started shifting to independent learners in the self-help activities and in learning activities. We would like to express our deep thanks to Susan Hammond and the War Legacies Project (USA) who have been always devoted and passionate concern for children with disabilities as well as for the greater share of OGCDC’s activities.

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By the beginning of August, the early intervention center in Hue city started new school year 2014-2015. With the motto of improving life skills as well as building development environment for children at risk of autism, in early August we conducted opening a new classroom for children over 8 years old. Being under the professional advice of Mrs. Kerstin Gruener (GIZ organization - Germany), the class structure as well as school supplies is designed to fit specific teaching method for autistic children and aligned with reality. We hope this new model will yield practical effectiveness for children to help them integrate better. Through this, we sincerely thank the GIZ organization (Germany) and Schmitz Stiftung organization (Germany) who have funded for setting up the class with better model and would appreciate in hope in the near future that we could have the opportunity to accompany together in the other programs.

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By the middle of May, we conducted training for parents of early intervention program with contents in the method of picture exchange communication skill and positive reinforcement disciplines. Especially, the later provided the parents with opportunities for reminding their childhood so that they can understand their child’ emotion and feeling through which they can improve their skills in bringing the child appropriately to to their psychological development. Although the number of participants is limiting but the attendants have shown their enthusiastic attitude and interests in the training which is very close to their daily life and to their needs.

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With the professional support of Ms. Kerstin Gruener (GIZ organization) – an advisor for early intervention program of OGCDC, we have organized training courses for the teachers and therapists in Hue city and Nam Dong district. The training not only focuses on knowledge and skills for supporting the children but also on positive reinforcement disciplines. In addition, some workshops were held among the interdisciplinary team including program experts, supervisors, therapists and teachers in the program for collecting ideas and base for completing curriculum for early intervention class.

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