On October 30th, Ms. Sue Woodward (Director Organization Foundation - Australia) and Ms. Kate Margetson (Australian Speech Therapist) had a meeting with Prof. Nguyen Viet Nhan and Speech Therapist group to discuss further cooperation for developing the program in OGCDC in the future.

In two days 28th and 29th September 2015, the Australian Speech Therapist – Ms Jamaica Grantics worked with Speech Therapists group at OGCDC. We organized a workshop about “Diagnosis and Early Intervention for children with ASD”, with the participation of over 30 parents who were very interested in this topic. Ms Jamaica also has conducted observations on 2 children and together with the OGCDC’s speech therapist discuss on goals for the children.

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Handicap International Organization
Handicap International Organization

Handicap International is an international, non-governmental organisation, mainly known for its fight against anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions and helping the victims of these unexploded...

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